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How are Hypnotists Verified?

When looking for a hypnotist, you probably want some sort of evidence that they can be trusted. Many people trust hypnotists with very personal information about their fears, habits, phobias and other personal aspects of their lives. Just like you’d want a counselor, psychologist or doctor to be verified, you naturally want a hypnotist to be verified too.

Legally speaking, anyone can call themselves a hypnotist without trouble. So it falls on known certifications to help us filter out the professionally trained from the untrained.

So how are hypnotists in the US verified?

Hypnotists can have different certifications depending on the country they reside and operate. Let’s look specifically at hypnotists in the United States.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

Recognized as one of the most respected professional memberships for hypnotists the world over – including the US. The NGH represents stage hypnotists, hypnologists and hypnosis experts in 93 countries and has over 25,000 members. The guild was founded in 1950.

NGH offers a hypnotism certification core-curriculum which is taught by certified instructors throughout the world. The minimum requirement for certification is two semesters of hypnotism training. Continued membership requires 15 hours of education credits annually.

You can search for an NGH member here.

Barbara Herr of Shoreline Hypnosis is a registered member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH)

Based in Nevada, USA the ICBCH is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and professionals on the benefits of clinical hypnosis. “It was created to set international standards of excellence, and to promote clinical hypnotherapy and related fields of social science.” The board aims to assist individuals and organizations who they recognize as achieving a certain level of quality within the field of hypnotherapy.

Unlike some other organizations, the ICBCH is dedicated to the certification of hypnotherapists as opposed to stage hypnotists and other professionals who do not practice in hypnotherapy.

Barbara Herr of Shoreline Hypnosis is a registered member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

American College of Hypnotherapy (ACH)

The American College of Hypnotherapy is a division of the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals. The college provides comprehensive, quality, Certification and continuing education programs for Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Candidates who complete their course can become a certified clinical hypnotherapist as recognized by the ACH. This requires at least 220 hours of formal education in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy.

Candidates must meet at least one of the following strict criteria:

  • A registered nurse currently licensed to practice nursing
  • A licensed social worker
  • A health care licensed professional
  • A health care provider with a minimum of a bachelors degree
  • A licensed counselor or psychologist
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in psychology, human services, or other health-related field
  • A practicing pastoral counselor
  • Is in current practice as an ordained minister or crisis counselor
  • Holds current national certification as a certified hypnotist.
  • Other candidates holding college-level degrees in other specialties can be considered on an individual basis.

American Hypnosis Association – AHA


The American Hypnosis Association (AHA) is a national association of hypnotherapist, other professionals and private persons interested in hypnosis and related fields.

The AHA offers comprehensive training for hypnotherapists including a 300 and 720 hour program of learning.

You can search for an AHA hypnotherapist in their online directory.

Any of these memberships prove competency of a hypnotist and are well respected both nationally and internationally. If you’re looking for a hypnotist or hypnotherapist then be sure to look out for these certifications, and if you don’t see any then ask.

Barbara Herr of Shoreline Hypnosis is a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.