Lose Weight, Remove Fears/Phobias, Release Stress/Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Pre-Surgery Stress

Achieve your goals with hypnotherapy

Barbara Herr successfully helps clients achieve their desired goals through hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, guided imagery and other advanced techniques such as Regression Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, EFT and PARTS Therapy. 

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How can hypnosis & hypnotherapy help you?

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Break the cycle with hypnosis

Instead of feeling negative emotions such as:
sadness, loneliness, anger, boredom, worrying or stress which results in
eating too much, smoking cigarettes, work-alcoholic, alcoholism, or blaming others for your feelings you can break the negative emotional cycle through hypnosis. 

You can gain control of annoying habits, increase athletic performance, increase academic motivation and become a terrific public speaker through the power of your mind with the use of self-hypnosis.

Since 1958 the AMA has endorsed hypnosis in the medical community for stress relief, weight management, pre-surgical stress and more.

They transformed their lives, you could too..

My session with you yesterday was more than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for your expertise, your genuine concern and compassion.
Helped with anxiety
Through your guidance and self empowerment exercises our daughter definitely has her head back in the game. Barbara, your skills have really helped her. She competed with four different horses this weekend and really enjoyed herself while working through some of the issues she previously had.
Helped with sports performance
I am doing well and follow your hypnosis and meditation techniques successfully. I am now sleeping at least 7 hours a night which I have not done for close to 17 years. I have been working at de-cluttering my life and mind by simplifying as many things that I can. I must thank you again and again for giving me the gift of peace and serenity . . . it allows me to approach everything that I do with a sense of purpose.
Helped with sleep
Barbara, I have been feeling much better. I realize how grouchy smoking made me, and how much my life revolved around smoking. I do feel a lot more in control. The cravings aren’t so bad
Helped with Smoking
Hi! I think you’re a magician! I did not have the urge to pull all day. It ever even crossed my mind. I did notice when I was walking into school my hand automatically made that ok sign (anchor), but that was the only time
Helped with hair pulling
Thanks Barbara! I've been on four flights since our hypnosis session and I am trilled to say that I can board a plane without getting palpitations. I even enjoy the experiences now. No more clutching the arm rests with fear. I am cured!!!
Helped with flying
I am so thankful that you had an available appointment For me yesterday. I can not remember having a more peaceful night’s sleep than I did last night, nor a more positive, relaxed attitude than I have today.
Helped with pre-surgery anxiety

Ready to make lasting change in your life?

Barbara works with clients from her office in Guilford CT and online through virtual appointments. Wherever you are in the state of Connecticut you can benefit from her hypnotherapy services.

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How to achieve a breakthrough

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Switch from fear to gratitude

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

About Shoreline Hypnosis

Shoreline Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy Services are located in Guilford, CT serving the Shoreline and greater New Haven communities.  Barbara Herr, Director, of Shoreline Hypnosis successfully helps clients achieve their desired goals through Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Imagery and advanced techniques such as Regression TherapyNLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique) and PARTS Therapy.

Many clients are referred to Shoreline Hypnosis by Physicians, Social Workers and satisfied clients for behavior change and other wellness concerns.

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