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Having trouble with concentration, memory recall, public speaking or test anxiety?

Shoreline Hypnosis is your answer to success!

Hypnosis helps you remember important information such as dates, numbers, names and events when recall is needed. Whether you’re in a classroom or boardroom, hypnosis can reduce, even eliminate anxiety so that you can recall important information with confidence.

Test anxiety, “freezing up”, or simply forgetting important dates, numbers, names or events will become a part of your past while the present and future present clarity and confidence with recall.

hypnosis to improve memory

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Barbara's Certifications

Certified Hypnotherapist, June 2003
Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner September 2008, Bennett Stellar University
Certified Pain Management Practitioner August 2010, Ron Eslinger, RN, Capt US Navy
Past Life Regression Therapist October 2003, Dr. Brian Weiss, Renowned Psychologist,
Weight Loss Hypnosis Coach, May 2004, Dr. Tom Nicoli, Dateline and NGH
Certified EFT Practitioner– August 2007, Dr. Gary Craig
OldPain2Go Practitioner – March 2018

National Guild of Hypnotists
International association of counselors and therapists