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Relieve Yourself from Stress / Anxiety

If it's meant to be, it's up to me....

Do you feel irritable, sad or depressed?  Are you suffering from anxiety or panic attacks?

Daily self hypnosis for stress can reduce and even eliminate the damage it inflicts on your life.  Enjoy a happy and fruitful life reduced from stress / anxiety.

hypnosis for stress management

You owe it to yourself to:

This is a process of letting go

During your first session we will identify what has been holding you back and release it. 

Rather than wait and see or hope it works, we will use strategies to re-pattern the brain to see and feel changes in behavior.

You are a partner in every step to release stress/anxiety. You will learn powerful hypnotic strategies to remove old patterns and take back control of your life.

Hypnosis can help reprogram your subconscious mind to facilitate behavior changes.

Who will Benefit from Stress Relief Hypnosis?

Stress is any change that you adapt to. Whether the stress you experience is the result of major hassles or the cumulative effect of minor hassles, it is how you respond to these experiences that determine the affect stress will have on your life.

  • Do you feel sluggish all the time?
  • Do you feel irritable or sad often?
  • Do you feel depressed?
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety?
  • Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

Tips to deal with an anxiety attack

  • Look around you.
  • Find Five things you can see
  • Four things you can touch
  • Three things you can hear
  • Two things you can smell
  • One thing you can taste

This is an example of a grounding exercise and can help when you feel you have lost control of your surroundings.

Practicing Hypnosis for Stress

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Hypnosis for Stress & Anxiety Program

• Identify When, Where and How you Feel Stress
• Create New Methods to Look at the World Around You
• Utilizing advanced techniques – Release Negative Emotions or Feelings Associated with Stressful Situation
• Teach Self-Hypnosis
• Teach EFT

“As you tap on anger, it may clear away—leaving a different layer, such as sadness. Then, as you tap through the sadness, you may realize that you actually are frustrated…And so it continues, until you fully clear an issue. Working through these layers might seem tedious at first! But the reality is, emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences are often multi-layered. Unless we address every layer or aspect of an issue, we can’t hope to fully clear it.” – Nick Ortner from his book “The Tapping Solution”

1. Divorce
2. Bereavement
3. Losing Job
4. Wedding Planning
5. Work
6. Kids/Family
7. Debt
8. Commuting
9. Studying for Exams
10. Pregnancy

“Stress is any change that you must adapt to, ranging from the negative extreme of actual physical danger to the exhilaration of falling in love or achieving some long desired success. In between, day to day living confronts even the most well-managed life with a continuous stream of potentially stressful experiences. Not all stress is bad. In fact, stress is not only desirable but also essential to life. Whether the stress you experience is the result of major hassles or the cumulative effect of minor hassles, it is how you respond to these experiences that determine the affect stress will have on your life.”
Martha Davis, Ph.D

Help To Eliminate Stress With Hypnosis

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Certified Hypnotherapist, June 2003
Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner September 2008, Bennett Stellar University
Certified Pain Management Practitioner August 2010, Ron Eslinger, RN, Capt US Navy
Past Life Regression Therapist October 2003, Dr. Brian Weiss, Renowned Psychologist,
Weight Loss Hypnosis Coach, May 2004, Dr. Tom Nicoli, Dateline and NGH
Certified EFT Practitioner– August 2007, Dr. Gary Craig
OldPain2Go Practitioner – March 2018

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