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Hi Barbara, I am so thankful that you had an available appointment For me yesterday. I can not remember having a more peaceful night’s sleep than I did last night, nor a more positive, relaxed attitude than I have today. My session with you yesterday was more than I ever Thought it could be. Thank you for your expertise, your genuine concern and compassion.
Helped with anxiety
My daughter has been riding horses since she was 8 years old. Riding horses has become her passion and she intends to pursue a career in the equestrian field. We purchased a new horse in February and our daughter is not performing well. We believe our daughter carries a lot of baggage from her previous horse from poor performance along with feeling she needs to prove to the entire world that she can ride well. She is having tremendous difficulty riding in the show ring. She can ride this horse like a super star at home but over thinks everything the minute she enters the show ring. We don’t want her to get discouraged and feel she may need some outside assistance. Through your guidance and self empowerment exercises our daughter definitely has her head back in the game. Barbara, your skills have really helped her. She competed with four different horses this weekend and really enjoyed herself while working through some of the issues she previously had. She has been diligent about listening to the CD you created for her and I believe this process has helped her tremendously.
Helped with sports performance
I am doing well and follow your hypnosis and meditation techniques successfully. I am now sleeping at least 7 hours a night which I have not done for close to 17 years. I have been working at de-cluttering my life and mind by simplifying as many things that I can. I must thank you again and again for giving me the gift of peace and serenity . . . it allows me to approach everything that I do with a sense of purpose.
Helped with sleep
Barbara, I have been feeling much better. I realize how grouchy smoking made me, and how much my life revolved around smoking. I do feel a lot more in control. The cravings aren’t so bad, but I have been using the EFT for stress management. It has really helped! I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Michael
Helped with Smoking
I have had an intense fear of flying since 9/11. As travel is perhaps my greatest passion, it has been very upsetting for me that this fear was turning my joy of vacation and adventure into a very unpleasant and dreaded situation. Most of the time I travel with my husband and my tears, sweaty palms, and constant state of anguish were ruining his enjoyment of flying to destinations with me alongside him. I discussed my problem with Barbara and she assured me that she could help. Two days after our session we flew to Ireland and I am thrilled to say that I did GREAT! When we landed my husband said, “you have to call Barb and thank her!”. Thank you Barbara! I have been on four flights since our session and I am trilled to say that I can board a plane without getting palpitations. I can even say that I have enjoyed the experiences. No more clutching the arm rests with fear. I am cured!!!
Helped with flying
Hi! I think you’re a magician! I did not have the urge to pull all day. It ever even crossed my mind. I did notice when I was walking into school my hand automatically made that ok sign (anchor), but that was the only time. So I would say I’m a 0-10! (which is no desire to pull hair at all). I appreciate you meeting with me yesterday, when I got into my car after leaving you, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I know this is going to stick because I"m done feeling crappy. Thank you for helping me, Kate, 5-26-2018
Helped with hair pulling
My 12 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for nearly 6 years. Over the course of that time he has used different insulin regimes. The treatment modes he has used over the last 3 or 4 years have provided a more natural lifestyle but have meant an increased experience of pain. His stress level and anxiety grew with each painful experience making his life extremely difficult. We had consulted healthcare professionals and other experts in the field to no avail. We were nearly desperate to find a way to relieve the pain and reduce his anxiety and stress when we sought Barbara Herr’s help. We contacted Barbara to investigate the potential of self-hypnosis as a tool after reading an article in the local newspaper about its success for children with other illnesses. We were somewhat apprehensive though having never had any experience with the field of hypnosis before. Barbara was wonderful from the start; very assuring, accommodating and open to explaining the process. She developed an immediate rapport with our son. In only three appointments she was able to teach him the skills that have allowed him to ELILMINATE the pain associated with his diabetes management. He uses the technique she taught him at home as well as away with equal effectiveness. He is much more relaxed and not at all anxious about the procedure. We expect the skills he has learned to be applicable and useful in other areas of his life where he would like to use his mind to overcome or change patterns of response and behavior. We couldn’t be happier with the professional, caring, and extremely effective services that Barbara Herr provided.
Helped with anxiety & stress
My 10 year old son had emotional issues which were manifesting themselves with dire physical consequences. He had trouble in school, at home and with kids teasing him. In the past we tried physicians, family therapists and even medications with no long lasting results. We finally took him to Barbara Herr for hypnosis therapy. Our son showed an improvement within three days. After a few more sessions, over the next few weeks we could see a real, lasting change. For the first time in years he has been completely without problems for more than three months. My son says “I feel normal, Mom!” He has tremendous self-confidence and is happy again. The real difference I think is that hypnosis helped my son to help himself. Self empowerment through Barbara Herr’s techniques has provided the kind of change that will last.
Helped with anxiety & stress
Hi Barbara, I am so thankful that you had an available appointment For me yesterday. I can not remember having a more peaceful night’s sleep than I did last night, nor a more positive, relaxed attitude than I have today. My session with you yesterday was more than I ever Thought it could be. Thank you for your expertise, your genuine concern and compassion.
Helped with pre-surgery anxiety
Barbara was an excellent teacher of hypnosis. Her practical experience added an important aspect to the training as she shared example of different techniques and their results. I like the balance between lecture and practice. By the end of the training, I felt confident in my ability to not only understand but implement the important aspects of hypnosis. This was validated when I ‘practiced’ on willing participants and was able to take a session from the beginning to end. How exciting! I must also add that the part that made it easiest for me to learn from Barbara was the fact that she taught from the heart. Her thoughtfulness made it easy to sit through many hours of training and I found that I looked forward to each day.
Testimonial for hypnosis course
Hello Barbara, I am sending a quick note to thank you once again for your generous spirit and your expert training. The combination is quite rare, in my experience, and so very precious and very inspiring. I feel I am carrying our “classroom” with me. You created a lovely setting with every comfort, and I benefited intellectually and spiritually, consciously and, I suspect, in ways that are yet unknown to me. Again, many thanks. See you soon!
Testimonial for hypnosis course